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Advantages of personal loans

If you are in a situation where you are short of cash or the financial capability to cater to a home improvement project or upcoming wedding, you might have to consider getting personal loans that will help you reach your financial objectives. Read More

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Jumbo Loans

We also provide conventional and unconventional Jumbo loan choices. These loans are made for purchases that turn out to cost more than the predetermined limit by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

The buyers that do not fit in the conventional financing criteria go for non-traditional Jumbo loans.

These loans are generally huge loans for expensive homes. They are not covered by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. In the majority of countries or states, single-family homes cost over $647,200. Jumbo loans also include non-conforming loans or non-conforming conventional loans.

Jumbo Loan Eligibility Requirements

  • Reduced debt-to-income ratio (below 43%, around 36%).
  • High credit score (above 700).
  • Proof of income and assets for the payments
  • Buyers must have proof of having adequate cash to provide a year of payments.
  • Down payments of Jumbo loans are around 10-20% of the cost.


Jumbo loan eligibility requirements:

  • Low debt to income ratio (under 43% but aim for 36%)
  • A very high credit score (over 700)
  • Proof of income and assets to cover payments

  • Buyers must prove they have enough cash on hand to cover a year of mortgage payments.
  • Down payments required for a jumbo loan range between 10-20% of the home price.

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Pros Of Jumbo Loans:

  • Higher Loan Limits
  • Lower Down Payment
  • One Single Loan

Cons Of Jumbo Loans:

  • Higher Interest
  • Need a Clean Credit Score
  • More Closing Costs
  • Not All Properties Qualify

All About Mortgages and Loans

30 Year Fixed Mortgage

There are 360 monthly payments with a 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage and your interest rate/payment stays the same.

Benefits Of A 30-Year Fixed-Rate

Lower payment, Great flexibility with planned and unplanned expenses, Longer tax benefit (confirm with your CPA)

15 Year Fixed Mortgage

Same benefits of a 30 year loan but it is paid in full in half the time. A fixed rate with set monthly payments but you own your home in 15 years!

Lenders may require a DSCR

of 1.15 or higher, indicating that the company can generate enough cash flow to cover the loan payments

Managing debt service effectively

Debt service refers to the amount of money required to pay off interest and principal payments on a debt. This can include loans, bonds, mortgages, and other forms of debt.

Important financial metric

Debt service can be an important financial metric for businesses and individuals, as it represents a significant ongoing expense that must be accounted for in budgeting.

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