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Advantages of personal loans

A personal loan can be defined as money given by an online lender, bank, or credit union which is usually repaid in fixed installments over a specific period. Research has shown that over the years, the financial rate on personal loans has reduced... Read More

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Purchasing a Home in Cypress Creek

If you are considering buying a home, or are ready to make a purchase, make sure you call us. We can aid you in the process by first deciding on an amount you can easily afford, and then moving on to the search and purchase. You will find that we tend to concentrate on the important things, rather than on the ones that can be dealt with later on. Our efficient and expert team makes sure to provide you with the best service working with banks and immediate lenders.

If required, we will also aid you in the search for loan options to help you make this momentous decision. As soon as every important detail is brought to the table, the search for your perfect home will begin. We will consider different loan options and choose the one that is best suited to your situation. You can also choose your preferred loan and we will help make sure that the process is smooth and clear.

We pose as middlemen between you and the mortgage lenders. This means that we can help you get the best deals if you are looking to buy or refinance a home. Your situation will give us an understanding of what you need and what you are willing to do to purchase your home, then we can make deals and figure out the perfect plan for you.

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Benefits Of A Mortgage Broker

Here are some of the many benefits to working with us as your mortgage broker.

  • Access To More Loan Programs
  • Work To Find The Best Loan
  • Well Educated And More Experienced
  • More Flexibility
  • Faster Closings

All About Mortgages and Loans

Debt service coverage ratio (DSCR)

is a financial metric that measures a company's ability to cover its debt obligations, including principal and interest payments

DSCR requirement for a loan depends

on the type of loan being evaluated. In general, lenders prefer a higher DSCR, which indicates that the borrower has more cash available

Commercial real estate loans

a DSCR of 1.25 or higher is typically required by most lenders. This means that the property's net operating income (NOI) must be at least 1.25 times greater than its annual debt service.

Jumbo Loans

We offer traditional and non-traditional (non-QM) Jumbo loan options. This type of loan is for home purchases that exceed the conforming limit set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

Bank Statement Program

Bank statement loans are not typical mortgages. A bank statement program is a home loan program that uses bank statements to calculate a borrower’s income.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio

A debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) mortgage, also known as an investor cash flow mortgage, enables you to finance an investment property

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